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Benefits of Federal Student Loan Consolidation

Written By jeremy hunk on Friday, June 18, 2010 | 6:29 AM

Students and graduates can be overwhelmed and confused trying to manage the repayment of several student loans federal government. Get a federal student consolidation loan can simplify the management of debt by creating one monthly payment and offer other benefits. Applying for a federal student loan consolidation is a simple process that takes about 30-90 days. 

Combines several loans into one monthly payment
A consolidation federal student loan converts the accumulated debt combined several individual loans into one loan which can be managed with a comfortable monthly payment. This new simplified loan eliminates the need to keep track of multiple payments at different times of the month. Reduce monthly payments figures
consolidated student loan may also facilitate cash flow, reduce the total monthly payment of the borrower. This can be achieved through the combination of an extended repayment period and interest rates less likely.
Extending the period of debt repayment generally results in higher total because of an increase in the amount of accrued interest, debt is also spread over several payments. Depending on the amount of debt, student loans consolidated can increase the standard repayment period of 10 years to 30 years.
Reduce monthly payments are an important advantage of loan consolidation, particularly for graduates to meet the workforce. A reduction of payments made more money available to cover other expenses including housing, car payments and career needed. When it becomes more accessible, borrowers can make payments without penalty to shorten the repayment period.
Consolidated loans can lead to lower interest rates
Many federal student loans is based on the interest rate variable, which can result in higher payments later in the period of repayment. The interest rate on consolidated federal student loans are generally fixed, fixing the rate for the duration of the loan. fixed rate loans are consolidated on the basis of the weighted average interest rate of all loans combined. 

The increase in ratings of student loans consolidated
When consolidating multiple loans, the new lender pays all debts existing student. This process reduces the number of outstanding loans, which in fact contributes to increase a credit score of the borrower.
Before you get a consolidated loan, the borrower has an account in their credit file for each loan. For example, if as a student, the borrower takes two loans each year for four years, will have a total of eight open balances on your credit file. Once consolidated, the credit report shows eight loans paid in full, and a new consolidation loan. Debt reduction improves the overall assessment of the borrower's credit potential.
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