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Low Rate Personal Loan: Chopping Off Those Extra Costs!

Written By jeremy hunk on Friday, April 6, 2007 | 12:19 AM

In today’s high-priced world where everything from a loaf of bread to a luxurious holiday package seems to be taking the ascending route, something ‘low rate,’ ‘inexpensive,’ or ‘reduced’ is bound to sound impossible. But I’m not drawing your attention with a mere catchy title instead, the entire package of ‘Low Rate Personal Loans.’ Whatever be the season, the occasion or the purchase, we’re all looking for reduced rates, better buys and convenient offers. This is exactly what Low Rate Personal Loans can give us, along with the assurance of them being easily affordable.

Low Rate Personal Loans involve remarkably low interest rates, longer repayment terms and very flexible conditions, making your repayment instalments economical and convenient. Further, Low Rate Personal Loans are classified into Secured Low Rate Personal Loans and Unsecured Low Rate Personal Loans. The secured option is always more advisable when you’re looking for something cost-effective because this category involves pledging collateral as a guarantee to repay the loaned amount on time and in full. Secured loans offer more assurance because if you fail to repay the amount your collateral is seized in the worst possible scenario.

Low Rate Personal Loans that are secured, grant loan amounts ranging from between £5,000 and £75,000. Remember – higher the collateral value, higher is the amount you can get approved. This is why, your home is the best asset you can pledge. The amount that gets approved depends on the equity in your home. Using higher valued collateral can even stretch the limit to ₤1,00,000. For unsecured loans, the amount is limited to £25,000 due to the absence of collateral. Therefore, taking a Secured Low Rate Personal Loan is always more practical, unless you possess no assets.

Opting for a longer loan terms, means smaller monthly instalments, making your loan immediately cheaper but expensive in the long run.

The very name ‘Low Rate Personal Loans’ suggests that the cost involved in these loans is relatively lower. The key factor that determines the cost of the loan is the interest rate charged on your loan amount. Higher the interest, higher is your monthly payment. To reduce the overall cost you therefore have to choose a lower interest rate. Lenders lower interest when your collateral value is high, i.e. when your loan is secured by a higher amount.

But if Low Rate Personal Loans are so reasonable and real, the obvious question is “Why does everyone not apply for it? And also, “How do lenders gain from such dealings?” They are not standard packages that can be applied for. They are carefully created and altered according to your financial requirement and your affordability. Lenders need 100% repayments assurance for such dealings. They therefore ask for high-valued collateral, your credit statements, assets possessed, bank balance, employments details, etc. All this determines your financial status, on which your Low Rate Personal Loan is approved.

Choosing your Low Rate Personal Loan from a different lender, with whom you have a certain rapport, may bring your even lower rates and fees and also better terms and conditions.
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