Homeowner Personal Loan : First Choice of the Homeowners

Written By jeremy hunk on Monday, April 9, 2007 | 1:13 AM

Homeowner Personal loans are a type of personal loan that can be availed by UK homeowners. Most people confuse homeowner loans to be a mortgage as this loan is also known as second charge loan or mortgage. What this loan does is to allow the borrower the right to borrow money over the equity prevalent in his property. Lenders usually provide homeowner loans up to 90 per cent over the value of the asset. In some cases, lenders may be willing to grant a loan against 125 per cent equity over the home.

Homeowner personal loans or home loans are easier to obtain than a mortgage. As these loans are secured against some asset, the processing is quite fast. Financial providers are willing to make some concessions regarding the terms and conditions because they are guaranteed returns against their investments. Unlike an unsecured loan, homeowner personal loan will provide low interest rate, flexible repayment period and big loan amount.

The maximum amount of an homeowner personal loan can stretch up to a staggering two million. Depending on your credit rating, the lender will decide how much principle can be taken by the loan seeker. Anything above 660 will be termed as good credit. Funding officials will scrutinise factors, such as the value of your home, amount of the outstanding mortgage, as well as other outstanding debts. Be careful about missed payments as that can result in bad credit ratings and in worse case scenarios, repossession of the property by the financial providers.

But do remember that you will have to repay the loan. It is not free money. Use it wisely as you are borrowing the money and paying interest for it too. The longer you stretch the repayment period, the more interest you will have to pay. Trawl the net before embarking on your quest to find the perfect loan deal
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